Project Description

NOTE: The Huron Town Board will hold a public hearing on the revised LWRP at 7:30 pm, April 18, 2016. 

Thank you for your comments on the draft reviewed by the Town in November 2015. 

See the Documents & Reports page under Project Information for the latest draft. 

The primary goals of the Town of Huron Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) are to:

  • Protect and improve the water quality of the bays;
  • Protect and enhance the natural beauty of the waterfront;
  • Maintain a high quality of life in waterfront residential neighborhoods;
  • Manage or reduce the impact of aquatic weeds on recreational boating;
  • Support and enhance water-dependent businesses in suitable areas in order to increase tourism-based economic development; and,
  • Maintain, increase and enhance public access to the waterfront, including visual access, at sites owned by government entities as well as through public/ private partnerships.

The format of the LWRP document is consistent with NYS and Federal requirements and includes the following sections:

  1. Waterfront Area Boundaries
  2. Inventory and Analysis of Existing Conditions
  3. Policies
  4. Proposed Land and Water Uses and Recommended Projects
  5. Techniques for Local Implementation of the Program
  6. List of State and Federal Actions and Programs Likely to Affect LWRP Implementation
  7. Local Commitment and Consultation with Agencies

The LWRP was prepared with a grant from the New York State Department of State Division of Coastal Management.  The Town retained Stuart I. Brown Associates, A LaBella Company, to assist with the preparation of the LWRP.

Program Summary

The Waterfront Revitalization of Coastal Areas and Inland Waterways Act offers local governments the opportunity to participate in the State’s Coastal Management Program (CMP), on a voluntary basis, by preparing and adopting local waterfront revitalization programs (LWRP.) A LWRP helps to implement State and Federal coastal management policies, consistent with local priorities, through the use of regulatory powers such as zoning, site plan review and docks and moorings regulations. Other benefits of an adopted and approved LWRP include:
  • Clear direction for local actions related to the waterfront
  • New York Department of State staff available to provide technical assistance
  • State and federal consistency
  • Opportunities for grant funding for projects recommended in the LWRP.

5 Responses to Project Description

  1. DUNCAN HILLS says:


  2. Huron Citizen says:

    Please don’t over regulate us!!!!!

  3. pat and jim darling says:

    someone needs to figure a way to clean up the mudwave left at the Leroy Island bridge or you will find more and more muck and weeds to the North of the bridge…eventually impacting many more residents, waterfront activity, and lost assessment dollars on the East side of the island – can we say the word “DREDGE”? Chuck Schumer said the “WORD” at a meeting 2 years ago at the Yacht Club. Different area of the bay; but still part of the bay… no one fainted when he said the word!

  4. tom says:

    Please review the discharge of waste [sewer] on the sandbar north of Leroy